As a vertically-integrated company, Sam Cottage Industries directly owns and controls the pillar facilities in rug production. Raw material sourcing and spinning (China), designing, dyeing, and finishing (Srinagar), are all regulated by Sam Cottage’s expert team. As a result, Sam cottage is a brand synonymous with beauty and quality. Whether it be knotted, tufted, or woven, and whatever the fiber system, a buyer can rest easy in the fact that a premier floor covering has been purchased.
A snapshot of our weaving infrastructure:

From their sourcing and spinning facility in China, raw materials like (wool, silk and Cotton) are unpacked, sorted by quality and color, and prepared for further processing into yarn. Specific facilities are dedicated to machine-spun and hand-spun yarn. In the hand-spun facility, women work diligently to produce the various yarns used in Sam Cottage’s entire library of award-winning rug designs.

Dyeing and Testing
we dyed our own yarns with traditional techniques as per our requirements at our facilities in kashmir.

Design Department
Traditional and modern contemporary designs are preserved and craeted respectively. The design team underscores our unique abilities in the design and manufacture of custom rugs. Size, shape, and color can all be manipulated to a customer’s specification. Whether trendy, traditional, or somewhere in between, Sam cottage is an inspiration to current trends.

Carpet weaving looms
Roughly 600 looms are spread throughout several districts of kashmir,. More than 2000 weavers directly and indirectly work in these weaving looms, more than half of whom are women.


we have our showrooms to showcase its breadth and depth of area rug production, in addition to the huge annual supply to government owned showrooms where our carpets are displayed for sale in india.

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